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  • Real Time Live Tracking

    Know exactly where your trucks and vital information such as how long they parked at which places

  • Track your fleet

    Even when you are relaxing you can check on your fleet to make sure that everything is above board

  • Tracking in the region

    Your vehicle tracking is enabled across borders.

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  • Speed Control

    Ensure that your drivers observe speed limits on the road

  • Trip Recording

    All trips are recorded and can be played back at your convenience

  • Track on the go

    You can track using our mobile apps which are available in the Apple Store and in the Google Play Store

Cutting Edge Technology

Track your fleet or personal vehicle in real time. You can see how long your vehicle was parked for, you can playback the vehicle trip at your own convenience.

Get the right device that suits you.

Around the clock tracking

Simply purchase airtime and track your fleet using your smart phone.
Track your vehicle across borders with our roaming option to find out more

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Exclusive Support

We are always here for you. We offer exclusive and extensive support on all our devices.

Call our helpline for any assistance 24/7 

Giltrack is a South African based company. Giltrack was formed with the main aim of supplying quality vehicle tracking products to companies and individuals. Giltrack mission is to advance our service delivery to our clients by focusing on Improving their efficiency and competitiveness

Contact Address

Pretoria Fitment Centre

329 Pretoria street

+27 81 503 9005
+27 82 923 8770

email: sales@giltrack.co.za


Track from your mobile

Android App

Apple App Store